HGLRC SPECTER F760 BOX integrated stack

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In order to reduce the difficulty of installation to a large extent and allow model friends to easily get the fun of flying, we specially designed and developed this integrated stack. The flight control is a full module plug-in type, and only needs to weld the ESC power supply and motor wires. It is used, and the stack is equipped with suspended shock absorption and built-in capacitors. With the factory-preset filter parameters, the flight is even more outstanding!

1. The main control adopts STM32F722 high-performance processor, with a computing speed of up to 216MHz, providing smoother control, better hand feel, and faster response speed.
2. The flight control gyroscope uses high-performance MPU6000 to improve the stability of use.
3. Full module direct plug-in connection, plug and play, no soldering pads required, achieving modularity.
4. Personalized CNC heat sink shell to prevent debris from entering the interior of the flight control and improve usage efficiency.
5. 16MB large-capacity black box to ensure adequate recording of flight data.
6. Integrated BF wireless Bluetooth parameter adjustment, connect to SPeedyBee APP to adjust serial port, PID and other flight control parameters anytime and anywhere.
7. Equipped with a 10V electronic switch, the on/off mode can be set through BF, which is convenient for solving the problem of heat transmission during long-term power-on.
8. Built-in suspension damping system + preset filter parameters.
9. Built-in capacitor, no need to solder external capacitor.

Product name: HGLRC SPECTER F760 BOX integrated stack
Flight control firmware: HGLRCF722 MINI V2
MCU: STM32F722
Barometer: BMP280
Black box: 16MB
Bluetooth parameter adjustment: UART5
Input voltage: 7.4V-22.8V/2-6S LIPO
BEC: 10V2A/5V2A
Stack size: 44.2mmx30mmx21.15mm
Installation hole position: 20x20mm, M3
Weight: about 39g

Packaging size: 70x70x44mm

Shipping list:
1x 30AWG 70mm single-head SH1.0-7P/single-head SH1.0-6P DJI cable
1x 30AWG 70mm single-head SH1.0-7P/single-head GH1.25-6P VTX cable
1x 30AWG 60mm single-head SH1.0-3P/single-head 1.25-3P camera cable
1x 30AWG 70mm single-head SH1.0-4P receiver cable
1x 30AWG 100mm, single-head SH1.0-4P LED soter cable
1x 30AWG 140mm single-head SH1.0-6P/single-head SH1.0-6P GPS cable
1x 14AWG 70mm, red and black power cord

5x M3*5 hexagon socket screws
5x M3*6 hexagon socket screws
5x M3*7 hexagon socket screws