Rekon10 PRO Long Range Frame Kit 10 Inch for FPV Racing Drone

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Rekon10 PRO Long Range Frame Kit 10 Inch for FPV Racing Drone.


The Rekon 10 Pro is an absolute beast designed for the most challenging long-range missions! The weight and momentum of a 10” quad gives it stunningly high cruising speeds and wind resistance for high altitude mountain dives. While it looks similar to the Rekon 7 Pro, they actually not share any identical carbon parts:

  • The Arms are considerably beefed-up and cut out of 8mm carbon plates.
  • Top and bottom plate are 3mm thick.
  • The main body is wider and slightly longer to fit larger batteries.
  • For maximum range dual batteries (top and bottom mount) are recommended.


Rekon10 PRO Long Range Frame Kit 10 Inch for FPV Racing Drone

Product name:Rekon
Model:Rekon10 PRO LR Frame kit
Material:3K Carbon fiber
Type:10 inch
Size:476 * 298mm
Top plate thickness:3mm
Bottom plate thickness:3mm
Middle plate thickness:2mm
Front arm:8mm
Rear arm:8mm
Frame protection bar:2mm
Camera side plate:2mm
Top and middle plate space:20mm
Flight controller mounting hole:30.5x30.5mm
Camera mount:20*20mm
Motor mounting hole:19*19mm

Package includes:
1x 3mm top plate
1x 3mm base plate
1x 2mm mid plate
2x 8mm front arm
2x 8mm rear arm
2x 2mm rack protection board
2x 2mm camera side panel
2x M3*30mm black mesh aluminum column
4x M3*20mm black mesh aluminum column
2x M3*18mm black mesh aluminum pillar
4x M4*16 Screws
4x M3*22 Screws
4x M3*20 Screws
4x M3*10 Screws
8x M3*8 Screws
4x M2*20 Screws
1x M2*16 Screws
2x M2*4 Screws
1x M5 lock nut (red)
4x M3 self-locking nuts
5x M2 self-locking nuts
8x M3*8 shock-absorption balls
4x M2*4 shock-absorption balls
2x battery straps 20x250mm
1x Battery Anti-slip pad
1x Down Battery Anti-slip pad
1x TPU black GoPro holder mount
1x TPU black GPS mount
2x TPU black antenna mount
1x TPU black T-antenna mount
1x TPU black buzzer mount
1x TPU black DJI Air unit Block A
1x TPU Black DJI Air unit Block B
1x TPU black DJI O3 holder mount

Recommended parts:(not included)
Flight control:Zeus F722
Propeller:10 inches
Battery:6S 2000-5100mAh