UMMAGAWD HEX SERIES 2306 1777KV Brushless Motor (1pcs.)

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UMMAGAWD HEX SERIES 2306 1777KV Brushless Motor (1pcs.)

Introducing the Ummagawd Hex Series 2306 1777KV Motors. Ummagawd is bringing the attention to detail and refined innovation they are known for, to this new line of motors. It’s equipped with the proven 2306 size stator, which makes for more power delivery earlier in the power band, for that instant response. The stator is then wound to the “sweet spot” at 1777KV for 6S power with maintained efficiency. 

This motor prioritizes smoothness over all else making it Ummagawd’s choice for both cinematic flying and freestyle ripping. It rides on large, yet, oh-so-smooth, 9mm bearings, which then allows for a larger and more durable shaft. While strong high temp n52sh magnets are used, a slightly wider gap strikes the balance between power and smoothness. 

It wouldn’t be an Ummagawd product without an innovative special feature that makes your life just a little easier. As the name implies the HEX series motors have a 3mm hexagonal socket at the top of the shaft. This was done to help with removing those stubborn props by allowing you to hold the shaft with an 3mm hex key while you break the prop nut loose. No more slicing your hands on jagged props, or scuffing your beautiful motor bells with bulky motor grippers. A simple, yet effective solution. The shaft is also designed to be low profile, so that it sits nearly flush with the prop nut when tightened on a standard prop. This should help avoid damaging the end of the shaft.

The bell was designed with a careful balance of beauty and durability. The concave spokes are designed to keep external lateral forces in plane with the outer edge of the bell. This reduces the available leverage that causes lesser motors to snap. The low profile design also keeps the center of mass low, which increases throttle response.


  • Stator Size (Diameter): 23mm
  • 1777KV
  • N52SH Curved Magnets
  • Steel Hex Keyed Shaft
  • 11.5mm Shaft Length
  • 4mm inner shaft diameter
  • 9x4x4mm NSK684 Bearing
  • Weight with wires: 32g
  • Compatible with 4-6S
  • 50A Max Burst Current
  • 16x16mm mounting pattern