Tiger Motor U7 490KV U-Power Professional Motor V2.0

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T-Motor U7 V2.0 Motor – U-Power Series – For its domination in professional aerial photography with reliability and safety, U7 motor prevails with thrust of 2.6kg. Available in: KV490.

Stable, Durable, Powerful. U-Power Technologies for AUW 10-20 KG Multi-copter.

Industrial grade, dust proof, water proof.


Unique Side Hole Design ensures swift airflow. Motor cools 2.5 times faster than others. Six holes beveling upward sparkles motor with waterproof and sand-resistant features.

Abnormal Shaft – a special screw is used for stator and rotor installation, avoiding loosiness of circlip.

High-Quality Varnished Wired – imported, oxygen-free copper coil which can tolerate temperature of 180C is employed to enhance short circuit resistance.

High-Standard Silicon Steel Sheet Precision Winding – the precision winding ensures the tightness of coil and slot. It helps reduce the copper lose while improving the utilization. Advanced 0.2mm silicon steel sheet reduces heat and eddy, thus improving efficiency.

Larger Bearing – Lower Noise: Adoption of imported German bearing prolongs the service life to over 1600 hours under trouble-free operation. German bearing enables motor run more smoothly and longer with lower noise.


Propeller Installation

Two Options, Patent Design: -Traditional Installation or T-Motor CF Props Installation.


  • 2.5KG/ARM
  • Voltage: 24V
  • Recommended prop: T-Motor CF16*5.4 prop
  • AUW: Quadcopter 10KG; Hexacopter, 15KG; Octocopter, 20KG.