TBS Grinder V4 2207 Motor-1750KV

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The TBS Grinder V4 Motor features a 2207 Stator and 1750KV. The final form of the Botgrinder motor is finally here! Redesigned with the ultimate durability in mind these new motors feature a new bearing reinforcement and a super thick 4mm shaft to make these the strongest grinder motors yet!


  • Red and Black Botgrinder Design
  • New Bearing Reinforcement
  • 4mm Shaft


  • Motor Overall Dimensions: φ27.5mm*18.8mm
  • Stator Size (Diameter): 22mm*7mm
  • Base Mounting Thread: M3 Thread
  • Base Mounting Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Internal Resistance (Rm): 50Ω
  • Weight (With Wires) (g): 34.5g
  • Shaft Length (mm): 11.5mm
  • Shaft Diameter (mm): 4mm
  • Max Burst Current (A): 50A
  • Windings: 10.5 turns DLRK
  • Magnets: N52SH Curved
  • Wire Spec (AWG): 20#
  • Max Current (A): 45A
  • Shaft material: Steel
  • Cells (Lipo): 4S-6S
  • Bearing: NSK684
  • Kv: 1750kv


Stator Size (Diameter) 22mm*7mm
Kv 1750kv
Magnets N52SH Curved
Windings 10.5 turn DLRK
Shaft Length (mm) 11.5mm
Shaft Diameter (mm) 4mm
Shaft material Steel
Bearing NSK684
Weight (With Wires) (g) 34.5g
Cells (Lipo) 4S-6S
Max Current (A) 45A
Max Burst Current (A) 50A
Internal Resistance (Rm) 50Ω
Wire Spec (AWG) 20#
Base Mounting Pattern 16x16mm
Base Mounting Thread M3 Thread
Motor Overall Dimensions φ27.5mm*18.8mm


  • 1x TBS Grinder V4 2207 Motor - 1750KV
  • 1x Hardware Kit