Stan FPV 2604 1111kv 8s Rated BLACK'D OUT Pro Motor - (for 8s 5", 6s 7"!!)

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Stan FPV 2604 1111kv 8s Rated BLACK'D OUT Pro Motor - (for 8s 5", 6s 7"!!)

Take a step to the dark side with the ALL-NEW BLACK'D OUT 2604 1111kv 8s 5" / 6s 7" Pro Motor by Stan FPV! 🔥🔥🔥



It is a crazy feeling flying a rig with these 8s motors on ~30V because you can't really tell until you give it throttle .. then you can tell 😊🔥 Lipo sag is a thing of the past - even with THIS MUCH POWER! ♥

While you're flying normally on 8s 5", these are some of the smoothest and most efficient motors to date and it is an absolute pleasurable experience! Flight time like whoahh! 😍 

With the 2604 1111kv motor you can use the highest pitch prop with little to no voltage downsides, these motors actually LIKE higher pitch props and eat them for breakfast! 🏋️🥣

When flying 5" and 6" these motors were designed, tested, and rated by T-Motor and I to really handle up to 8s VOLTAGE! 🔬 

The 1111kv motor also tested amazingly as a new lighter weight, just as powerful, and even more efficient 7" 4s-6s motor! At just over 30g a piece, these weigh almost HALF of some of those other 7" motors out there - and because of the reduced AUW and the special design of these motors you get a motor with higher efficiency and durability that can perform with the big dogs! 💪 A great "cine-lifter" motor! 

With its thicker 18g wire, an incredibly lightweight / powerful / torquey design and a special new shaft with 3mm extra thread on top - this all new motor can fit and fly a normal 5" prop on 8s - BUT it can also fit and fly a MACRO 8"-10" PROP w/ the thicker hubs! 😍🔥 You can significantly bring down the weight of your larger prop rigs and add efficiency and smoother, longer flights! *Note: 8-10 inch macro props are still experimental with these motors. Use at your own risk. 

The BLACK'D OUT 2604 1111kv Pro Motor by Stan FPV is a motor like no other - and very well may be one of the most versatile motors ever. I am personally in love.. This one is special 🤘🏼🔥♥

You gotta try it! You won't be disappointed! 

Pairs great with Bird Food Series 1100mah / 1300mah x2 FLAT Lipos or 1100mah-1500mah 4s x2 Lipos in SERIES for 8s w/ extra long Stan FPV 350mm Kevlar Straps!

Fly like a Bird! 🦅



Suggested Prop (5mm): HQ Ethix P3 (5"), Ethix S5(5"), HQ Ethix K2(6"), HQ 6X4X3, HQ 7x3.5x3(7)

Motor Mount Hole Size: 16x16 M3

Prop Mount Options: 5mm Shaft

Motor Stator Size: 2604

KV (Revolutions per Volt): 1111kv

Weight (w/ full 215mm /18guage wires): 36.5g

Weight (Motor ONLY): 32.1g

Shaft: EXTENDED THREAD 5mm Hollow Titanium

Bearings: EZO

Wire Length: 215mm x 18AWG

Lipo Prop Recommended: Bird Food 1100mah or 1300mah 4s x2 in Series for 8s 5", Large mah 6s for 7"



  • (1) Stan FPV 2604 1111kv Pro Motor - 5mm Shaft
  • (1) 5mm Prop Nut
  • (4) M3x8mm Screws
  • (4) M3x10mm Screws
  • (1) Spare Shaft Screw
  • (1) Spare Rubber Ring


  • Production version also has a black base. Not red like in some pics. Also production version has 3mm extended shaft and 18g wires, not shown in prototype pics w/ red bottoms.
  • 8s only for 5" and 6" - For 7" and above do not go over 6s
  • Must have 8s ESC if using 8s. If only using 6s, you only need 6s ESC, and so on.
  • When dealing with high voltage there is always risk. Reduce risk by making sure you have enough capictors attached to your circuit - the more capacitance the better! Also reduce risk by always choosing the highest quality ESC and components to go with them that are properly rated high enough. This is an experiment new age of FPV - I am not responsible for burnt electronics/motors due to user error.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable soldering well. It is extra important when dealing with such high voltage to make a good solder joint. This helps smooth flight and prevent damage. If you're ever in doubt, hire a professional to do the work for you, there's plenty of builders who can build/repair if needed.