SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 HD DJI O3 Air Unit FPV 5 Freestyle drone

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SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 HD DJI O3 Air Unit FPV 5 Freestyle drone with TBS- Crossfire & GPS Installed.


Master in the Air!
Exploring the world, all well in Master 5 V2! Brand new DJI O3
video transmission system gives your flying infinite reverie.
Viewing in the air at 1080P for FPV, and recording up to
4K 120fps easily catch the moments, bring your FPV
experience to a new height.
Master 5 V2
HD Adventure in the Air
To enjoy the passion of full-speed flying, not only does it require
the distance but also clear view. O3 FPV camera provides you with
excellent high-definition video transmission with low latency.
Go with Master 5 V2, enjoy the level-up images for both FPV flying
and DJI O3 HD recording without vignetting.
Master 5 V2
130° FOV HD Image Without Vignetting
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
All For Details, All For You!
Every detail is for the better experience. Master 5 V2,
designed for air journey, is your perfect choice!
(Notice: GPS base is 18*18mm by default, base of other
dimensions needs an additional purchase)
Master 5 V2
Fly More Smoothly and Farther!
Deadcat frame with innovative design, placing flight controller
close to the center of drone, offer you the better flying
experience with precise control.
Master 5 V2
Aluminum alloy 7075-T
Drone front side plates are made of 7075-T aluminum alloy.
For both flying masters and amateurs, plates protect the camera in a
better way. Plenty room for installing ND filters is reserved for DJI O3
camera, ensuring high image quality under different light environments.
Master 5 V2
Perfect Balance Between
Function and Fashion
Applying the side protection plates that is embedded with
programable RBG LED stripes, Master 5 V2 provides you well
protection also fashion. You could change different colors and effects
by simply pressing the BOOT. Long pressing BOOT button to swtich to
BF control mode, and with SpeedyBee App, more colors and effects canv
be modified wirelessly. Press to switch the On&Off of LED has been
set by default.
Master 5 V2
Here to Start a Steady Flight
Via the innovative anti-vibration stack design, let's fly more
steadily and safely. And with the already tuned PID,
you can fly easily when receive.
Master 5 V2
Customized VTX Heat Sink
Overheating is a serious challenge for VTX. We customize a
heat sink made of aluminum alloy, providing better cooling effect and
improving the operation stability.
Master 5 V2
Arms With Quick Release Structure
Arms with quick-release structure, the amount of screws
averages 1.5 per arm. Thanks to the use of the flight stack
shock-absorbing installing structure, the fixing screws of the arms are
not associated with the flight stack, reducing the impact on the installation
of the flight stack during disassembly and assembly of the arms.
Master 5 V2
All Considered, All Prepared
Master 5 V2
Wireless And Simple Configuration
WBuilt with SpeedyBee F7 V3 stack, connecting the drone to the
App via Bluetooth to modify configurations easily. Additionally,
LED effect could be changed as you like, and flight time could be
recorded automatically. Elevating your experience with more possibilities.
Master 5 V2
equipped with 181GPS base, optional official 181GPS for
solder-free plug, and easy GPS configuration through the app
GPS of other sizes requires a dedicated GPS base
Master 5 V2
To Infinity and Beyond
Equipped with SpeedyBee BL32 50A 4-in-1 ESC and
2306 1900KV motors, outputting up to 200A max. and thrust
reaching 1.9kg per motor, is massively powerful and more
fluent flight performance.
Master 5 V2
Think as you think,
understand what you need.
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Frame Master 5 V2
Arms 5mm
wheelbase 226mm
Micro contoller STM32F722
Bluetooth BLE Supported, for flight controller configuration
OSD chip AT7456E
ESC 50A 41N1 BL32 4-6S ESC
Motor 2306-1900KV (6S)
LED Underneath and side
Blackbox 500MB onboard memory(Type: SD_CARD)
Propellers 1 set of GEMFAN 51466 (Notice: 5.1”)
Buzzer TMB12A05
Power input 6S Lipo 25.2V (recommended: 1050mAh - 1500mAh)
Receiver TBS Nano/ELRS/PNP (4-pin connector reserved)
O3 HD Version Analog Version
HD Recording
Up to 4K 120fps N/A.(Support external HD recording camera)
DJI O3 Air Unit SpeedyBee TX800
Camera of DJI O3 System RunCam Phoenix 2 SE
Weight (without battery)
420g (±10g) 410g (±10g)