SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 Frame Kit

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SpeedyBee Master 5 V2 Frame Kit.


Designed to handle both cinematic and freestyle flying, Master 5 V2 with great Deadcat geometry, places the flight controller closer to the center of gravity than other DC frames

The innovative anti-vibration stack structure dampens the effect from motor noise on the gyro, offering a stabilized running environment.Averaging 1.5 screws per arm, the quick release structure makes assembly and disassembly easily
Honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy CNC drone head ensures better strength and look, with H-FOV 130° section, drone head gets larger field of view.Furthermore, the incorporated DJI O3 Air Unit also supports ND filters and changeable side plate mounting
TPU side plate inside CNC part helps dampen the vibration on camera, and it can be modified by pilots on their own to get it compatible with more mounting holes, and get rid of vignetting for clear images
Under the VTX, there is a honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy heat sink improving the operation stability of FPV and high-power analog VTX
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2 is a drone designed to handle both cinematic and freestyle flying, having the center of gravity as low as possible. With O3 Air Unit incorporated, it can have excellent image quality without props appearing, and no need to add an extra camera for recording, drone will get rid from the effects of extra weight, and will have more flight time and stunning videos
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
130° FOV HD Image Without Vignetting
Master 5 V2
Aluminum alloy 7075-T
Drone front side plates are made of 7075-T aluminum alloy. For both flying masters and amateurs, plates protect the camera in a better way. Plenty room for installing ND filters is reserved for DJI O3 camera, ensuring high image quality under different light environments
Master 5 V2
Detachable camera side plate
The detachable camera side plate can meet more needs of camera installations (lenses of different lengths), achieving HD images without vignetting. (Related installation files is provided for self-modification, helping pilots dampen vibration on camera.)
Free switching
Besides supporting modification for own design, plate also varies in materials (such as TPU/PLA 3D Printed), and pilots could switch camera from 19mm and 20mm freely via soft TPU.
Master 5 V2
Drone is fully equipped with SpeedyBee strengthened 7075 aluminum alloy
Innovative independent anti-shock stack fixed structure
Master 5 applies the anti-shock fixed stack structure. It uses injection molding via TPU rubber of HB80 and HB50, further stabilizing the running environment for the Gyro of FC, offering two kinds of mounting holes: 20mm*20mm(M3) and 30.5mm*30.5mm(M3).
High-power VTX heat sink
The honeycomb-shaped aluminum alloy heatsink speeds up the heat dissipation from beneath the VTX, improving the operational stability of DJI FPV and high-power analog VTX. Compared to the 3D printed surround, which can obstruct heat dissipation, this approach dissipates heat more rapidly, significantly improving the cooling effect and contributing to a more enjoyable flight experience.
Master 5 V2
Perfect Balance Between Function and Fashion
The Master 5 V2 incorporates a safeguarding side panel design that not only protects the stack but also includes a programmable RGB LED strip. Through either the Betaflight or SpeedyBee APP, users have the ability to customize colors and effects. Moreover, it is feasible to set up the remote control for managing the LED strip.
Master 5 V2
Separated top plates, the front one is for GOPRO installing. When electric maintenance is needed, the separated design help disassembly. A positionfor power cable is kept between the top carbon plates, enabling to install the cable reversely.(Recommending power cable through from the front side)
*(Note: Master 5 V2 standard GPS installation size is 18*18*6mm. Parts of other dimensions needs an additional purchase.)
Antenna mounting combination
The Master 5 V2 antenna mount is a combination design, divided into the upper and lower sections for antenna and GPS respectively. The bottom part consists of the 915T antenna, ELRS receiver antenna, and an interchangeable GPS base (GPS size: 18mm18mm6mm - If a different GPS base is needed, simply replace the individual square base on top). The top part is for the VTX antenna, standard configuration supports DJI O3 Air Unit original antenna, RUNCAM LINK antenna, Air Unit dual antenna, SMA VTX antenna. This two-part design provides versatility for antenna installation.
Master 5 V2
Soft protection for bottom plate
0.5mm soft rubber protection is attached to the bottom carbon plate of Master 5 V2, protecting drone from landing on uneven places.
Interchangeable antenna base available in 5 sizes: 880/251/220/181/121 GPS base
note: The device comes with a 181GPS base. Other sizes are available for separate purchase.
Master 5 V2
Arm quick-release structure
Arms with quick release structure, the amount of screws averages 1.5 per arm, making installation of stack free from any affect during assembly or disassembly
In addition to effectively protecting the arms, guards also function as takeoff and landing undercarriage, with a height of 12mm from the ground
*(Note: The length of screws is subject to actual used motors. 1mm should be added for screws of 3D printed parts.)
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2
Master 5 V2

Master 5 V2
Frame Master 5 V2
Wheelbase 226mm
Weight About 140g (non-3D printed parts included)
Top plate thickness 2.5mm(T300 3K)
Middle plate thickness 2mm(T300 3K)
Bottom plate thickness 2.5mm(T300 3K)
Arm thickness 5mm(T300 3K)
Camera side plate thickness 2mm TUPC
Anti-vibration stack structure hardness Yellow HB80、Translucent HB50
3D printed par Yellow TPU
Motor circlip spacing φ8mm
Compatible propellers 5-5.1 inch
Mounting holes for motors 16*16mm
FC mounting hole 30.5×30.5(M3) & 20×20mm (M3)
Drone head 7075 CNC aluminum alloy
Aluminum standoff 7075 M3*23mm*(6mm/4.7mm)、M3*23mm*(4.6mm)
Internal installation height 23-30mm
Standard antenna installation suppor SMA (single), O3 4mm, RunCam Link
Standard GPS base size 18*18*8mm (other size requiresan additional purchase)
Rear Support Mounting Holes 20*20mm - 25.5*25.5mm - 30.5*30.5mm
Detachable stack protective plate RGB LED included
Motor wire protection included
Included 3D printed parts GOPRO base, capacitor/buzzerbase, arm protection, 181GPS base, T-antenna base, CNC drone head TPU protection, camera anti-vibration module
Buzzer TMB12A05