SpeedyBee F7 V3 BL32 50A 30x30 Stack

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SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7 V3
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Flash your firmware 33% faster
wirelessly + full FC configuration
Built with a better Bluetooth/WiFi 2-in-1 chip for 33% faster wireless data
transfer. Update FC firmware with your smartphone in just 1 minute!
Connect this FC via Bluetooth and fully configure any setting for
Betaflight/INAV as you want.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Get your Blackbox data in
1 minute anytime, anywhere
With an optimized algorithm and upgraded Bluetooth/WiFi chip, you can
dive into your Blackbox data every time you land your quad. Just take
your smartphone out, connect, and download your flight in 20 seconds.
The path to progress has never been easier.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Hate soldering?
Just plug them all in!
It’s 2022, so having a plug vs soldering option is a must! Plug in your
digital video transmitter, receiver, camera, VTX, and GPS to complete
your build in no time. Also comes with 4x LED plugs so you can light
up your quad with no headache. Prefer soldering? Just flip the board
and start working on it.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Change your motor
direction wirelessly
Finishing your latest build? Just replaced your
motor after a crash? Take your smartphone out,
and configure your motor direction wirelessly
with the latest SpeedyBee app. Works for all
BLHeli32 / BLHeli_S / BlueJay ESCs.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
8 motors output, perfect for
your X8 cinelifters!
There’s no other X8 flight controller better than this. Forget about
crawling through your massive build just to plug in that USB cable.
Just take out your phone to configure that X8 monster wirelessly
before that challenging commercial shot. Professional FPV pilots
got no time to waste.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Light up your quad in no time
with 4x LED plugs
Need more visibility at night? Just plug in your LEDs and blaze the
darkest trail you can find, no soldering required. With just one tap
on the Boot button, you can cycle through all different LED presets*
and pick the one you love!
*Or long press the boot button to switch to Betaflight LED mode
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Forgot your LiPo checker?
Just look at the FC!
Built with a 4-level LED battery indicator, now you can fly anywhere
worry-free - even without your lipo checker!
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
32MB (typical FC memory) X 16
=500MB onboard Blackbox
flash memory
Store up to 100 complete flights with our huge 500MB onboard
Blackbox flash memory. Or keep your encrypted Area 51 files in
it for your top-secret Man in Black mission. Whatever suits your
tactical purpose.
*The Flash memory chip manufacture calculates the capacity by a
rate of 1000(instead of 1024), so the display capacity on your
computer will be slightly less than 500MB.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
And packed with other useful
● 9V 4A + 5V 2A individual BECs
● Power your GPS with a USB cable - no battery needed
● 22mm cutouts for FPV camera in your tight build
● Built-in barometer for accurate height calculation
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee BL32 50A 4-in-1 ESC

When we say 50A, we mean it.
Real 50A output, ready for your baddest, meanest 6S motors.
Blast through any obstacle during freestyle with no worry, or
keep that highest throttle position during races.

1000uF Low ESR capacitor + TVS
protective diode = Extra protection
The ESC is built with TVS protective diode to absorb the voltage spike
when you plug in the battery, or during crashes that block your props.
We also provide a humongous 1000uF low ESR capacitor, ensuring
clean data from the gyro to the FC.
Tested by 2 top racing pilots with both over 1500 packs, or you can
put it to the test yourself.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Wanna crank it up to 128KHz PWM?
Why not?
With F4 MCU, you can set the PWM frequency up to 128KHz. Find
the best PWM frequency* to get for your build without any limitation.
* The ideal PWM frequency for each build varies depending on the
frame, motors, props, and other factors. Higher PWM frequency
doesn't necessarily means smoother flight. If the default 48KHz is
not working for your build, you can increase the value gradually
until you find the sweet spot. Check your motor temperature to
avoid overheating.

CNC heat sink shield =
no overheating in any condition
Built with high-quality CNC heat sink to significantly reduce the
heat from your MOSFETs ensuring stable current flow at a high
throttle position. Great benefit in a stylish blue finish.
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
SpeedyBee F7V3 STACK
Product Name SpeedyBee F7 V3 Flight Controller
IMU(Gyro) BMI270
USB Port Type Type-C
Barometer BMP280
OSD Chip AT7456E chip
BLE Bluetooth Supported. Used for Flight Controller configuration,built-in a single 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi-and-Bluetooth combo chip
Flash FC Firmware Wirelessly Supported. Please enter MENU > FC Firmware Flasher
Download/Analyze Blackbox Supported.Please enter MENU > Blackbox Analyzer
DJI Air Unit Connection Way Two ways supported: 6-pin connector or direct soldering.
6-pin DJI Air Unit Plug Supported. Completely compatible with DJI O3/RunCam Link/Caddx Vista/DJI Air Unit V1, no wire is needed to be changed.
Flash(for BlackBox) 500MB
BetaFlight Camera Control Pad Yes(CC pad on the front side)
Power Input 3S - 6S Lipo
5V Output 10 groups of 5V output, three +5V pads and 1 BZ+ pad( used for Buzzer) on front side, and 6 +5V output included in the connectors on bottom side. The total current load is 2A.
9V Output 2 groups of 9V output, one +9V pad on front side and other included in a connector on bottom side. The total current load is 4A.
3.3V Output Supported. Designed for 3.3V-input receivers. Up to 500mA current load.
4.5V Output Supported. Designed for receiver and GPS module even when the FC is powered through the USB port. Up to 1A current load.
ESC Signal Pads M1 - M4 on bottom side and M5-M8 on front side.
UART 5 sets(UART1, UART2, UART3, UART4(For ESC Telemetry), UART6)
ESC Telemetry UART R4(UART4)
I2C Supported. SDA & SCL pads on front side. Used for magnetometer, sonar, etc.
LED Pad Used for WS2812 LED controlled by Betaflight firmware.
Buzzer BZ+ and BZ- pad used for 5V Buzzer
BOOT Button Supported.
[A]. Press and hold BOOT button and power the FC on at the same time will force the FC to enter DFU mode, this is for firmware flashing when the FC gets bricked.
[B]. When the FC is powered on and in standby mode, the BOOT button can be used to controller the LED strips connected to LED1-LED4 connectors on the bottom side. By default, short-press the BOOT button to cycle the LED displaying mode. Long-press the BOOT button to switch between SpeedyBee-LED mode and BF-LED mode. Under BF-LED mode, all the LED1-LED4 strips will be controlled by Betaflight firmware.
RSSI Input Supported. Named as RS on the front side.
SmartPort Supported
Supported Flight Controller Firmware BetaFlight(Default),INAV
Firmware Target Name SPEEDYBEEF7V3
Mounting 30.5 x 30.5mm( 4mm hole diameter)
Dimension 41(L) x 38(W) x 8.1(H)mm
Weight 10.7g
Product Name SpeedyBee BL32 50A 4-in-1 ESC
Firmware SpeedyBee BL32 50A
Configurator Download Link http://github.com/bitdump/BLHeli/releases
Continuous Current 50A * 4
Burst Current 55A(5seconds)
TVS Protective diode Yes
Heat Sink Yes
External Capacitor 1000uF Low ESR Capacitor(In the package)
ESC Protocol DSHOT300/600
PWM Frequency Range 16KHz-128KHz
Power Input 3-6S LiPo
Power Output VBAT
Current Sensor Support (Scale=490 Offset=0)
ESC Telemetry supported
Mounting 30.5 x 30.5mm( 4mm hole diameter)
Dimension 45.6(L) * 40(W) * 8.8mm(H)
Weight 19.2g with heat sink