Naked GoPro Hero-8 Black Cinema 4K Camera (Full Camera!)

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AddictiveRC Now has an In-House Builder making all our Hero Naked Cinema Cameras. These Naked Hero Cameras are built by AddictiveRC.
**Please note these are built from reconditioned GoPro Hero-8's.**

We suggest you buy a rear screen off eBay to make changes to the settings.

This is a Fully Customized Cinema 4K Camera. 


  • Model: AddictiveRC Naked GoPro Hero 8 Full Camera
  • Brand name: GEPRC Case and Parts
  • Color: black/blue
  • Video: 4K@60fps/4K@30fps/2.7K@50fps
  • Video format:MP4
  • Video code: H.264/AVC,H.265AEVC
  • Input voltage: 2S-6S
  • Output: 5V@2A
  • Connector: GH1.25-3P Connector
  • Protection: UV protection lens
  • Filter: ND16 filter
  • Size: 60mm*39.5mm*22mm
  • Weight: 25.7g


  1. Motion camera specially designed for FPV Quadcopter ,Ultra lightweight, only 25.7grams.
  2. 4K ultra wide angle lens, use special ultra wide angle MOV to shoot 4K@60fps video, reduce distortion and restore details.
  3. HyperSmooth 2.0+ stabilizes the video,and also stabilizes the video through Reelsteady go software.
  4. LCD front screen,clear at a glance,switcing mode,convenient and fast,Through the preset QR code switching video settings,scanning code to switching.
  5. Include UV protection lens,ND 16 filter can reduce the amount of light into the camera sensor and without changing the image color.
  6. The Frame includes fixing base and mounting base.
  7. Control wire quick release interface,transmitter control shooting and supports directly power supply by 2s-6s FPV batterIes.Connecting FC to realize remote control,You can also use the transmitter to remote shooting.
  8. Anti pop design,Providing protection enough when the SD card ejecting due to the impact of the crashed.
  9. Entire canopy Spray Technology and Coating Treatment,The appearance is more textured and the touching is great and silky.
  10. Adapt to many GEPRC Frames,Include mounting base,can be directly installed on The Cinelog25,Crocodile Baby5,Smart35 and other frames.

Precautions for use of products:

  1. Because it’s a lite version and mainly for quadcopter,when you need to start the recording,the quadcopter should take off immediately for cooling
  2. Do not connect the wrong positive and negative,or will burn down the product







  • 1 x GoPro Hero 8 Naked full camera
  • 1 x GEPRC GoPro Hero 8 Naked case
  • 1 x ND16 Filter
  • 1 x Mounting Base
  • 1 x Control cable
  • 1 x Matching screwdriver
  • 1 x Matching screw package
  • 1 x Dustproof cloth