Lumenier QAV-R 2 SKITZO Freestyle 5" Quadcopter Frame (Hydro Dipped)

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Lumenier QAV-R 2 SKITZO Freestyle 5" Quadcopter Frame (Hydro Dipped)

For pilots who want to make a statement when they fly, the Lumenier QAV-R 2 SKITZO is about as bold as you can go. The SKITZO logo is "sticker-bombed" via Hydro dipping on the frame from head to toe resulting in a mind-boggling look that will get everyone's attention!

This customized QAV-R 2 airframe has been designed in collaboration with world-famous FPV Freestyle Pilot Skitzo FPV. The design is thanks to unique Hydro dipping technology that fully coats the underlying carbon fiber frame evenly and results in a smooth-to-the-touch feel. In addition, the arm layout is now a "true-x" configuration for a perfectly balanced feel on both roll and pitch.

The QAV-R 2 SKITZO Freestyle frame features an elongated body compared to the original QAV-R 2, enabling 30x30 and 20x20 mounting in both the rear and center of the frame, and allowing you to be creative with your gear layout. Each kit includes an X Brace bottom plate for improved durability needed in bando freestyle flying. The SKITZO version of the QAV-R 2 is also backward compatible with the original QAV-R 2 arms and body plates, so you can mix and match arm and body styles if you choose.

Even though it's pretty to look at, the QAV-R 2 SKITZO is built to last, with individually removable 4.5mm thick arms on the 5" version. The four arms form an interlocking arrangement on the bottom of the frame that strengthens the whole quad. The arms come with bumpers that protect your motors from damage should you (when you) get into an accident with a tree or asphalt. The SKITZO also comes with the X Bottom brace to further strengthen the arms and body of the frame giving you a colossal 9.5mm of carbon at the center of the frame.

Your electronics stack on the QAV-R 2 SKITZO can be configured how you want, with either standard 30.5x30.5mm spaced stacks or mini 20x20mm stacks. Both versions of the QAV-R 2 SKITZO are made to top-mount the LiPo battery and the top plate has horizontal slots for your LiPo strap if you like to mount your LiPo horizontal (AKA toilet tank). The included silicone non-slip battery pad helps grip the LiPo and prevents any movement during the flight and or during a crash.

Skitzo Hydro dipped frame-5inch