ImmersionRC Uno 5800 V4 A/V Receiver for RC Aircraft

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The Uno 5800 V4 A/V Receiver for RC Aircraft is a 5.8 GHz AV receiver for FPV applications from ImmersionRC. It is designed to be used in conjunction with ImmersionRC ground station systems, and features a dedicated mini-DIN connector for this purpose. On top of that, there are two AV outputs for going to FPV goggles and monitors.

Dual buffered AV outputs on 3.5mm connectors - passes stereo audio as well as video
Single-cable connection to ImmersionRC ground stations
Bidirectional ground station receiver data link
Accepts 6 to 13V DC power sources (>9V or 3S recommended)
Single button operation for channel selection, with remote channel selection from ground station
Uses SMA type antenna (not RP-SMA)
FM audio/video modulation
Weighs 6 ounces