iFlight XING2 2207-1855 KV Motor

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iFlight XING2 2207 Motor - 1855KV.

The successor to the ever-popular XING motors, the XING2 brings new features such as center-slotted N52H curved arc magnets to reduce response time to give you the most locked-in feeling yet.


The XING2 2207 Motors come from the XING series NextGen motors and have become a new standard on the market.

iFlight is finally ready to announce our predecessor, the XING2! The smooth, reliable, and powerful XING motors with an upgraded and even higher standard of performance and manufacturer. The XING2 motors offer a faster response to translate your PID loop quicker and get that locked-in feeling you been looking for!


  • Center slotted N52H curved arc magnets
  • XING O-ring bearing gap protection
  • Motor wires protector
  • Dynamically balanced
  • 5mm titanium alloy shaft, our strongest prop shaft ever!
  • Crash resistant 7075 aluminum bell
  • Smooth and long-lasting NSK 9x9x4 bearings


  • KV: 1855KV
  • Stator Diameter: 22mm
  • Stator Length: 7mm
  • Wire length: 20AWG 160mm
  • Mounting pattern: 16*16mm
  • Version: CW Screw Thread
  • Input Voltage: 4S-6S Lipo
  • Configuration: 12N14P
  • Weight: 31.6g (with wire)


  • 1x iFlight Xing2 2207 Motor 1855KV
  • 4x M3x6 Screws
  • 1x M5 Flanged Lock Nut