iFlight The Force Long Range FPV VTX 1-Watt

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The Force Long Range 1W VTX is a 5.8G ISM band analog video transmitter. It features large and stable output power, long transmission distance and strong power supply performance. It ensures that there’s no snowflake or horizontal stripes on video even under the 100% throttle. What’s more, it enables changing the channel, transmits power, and more from Betaflight OSD, flight controller USB port, Taranis, and more. Besides, Pit Mode allows you to power up safely without the risk of knocking other pilots out of the air. It can also support 8 pilots fly drones at the same time.
- Support OSD Frequency and Power tuning;
- The output power is stable, the far transmission distance: ≥10km
- Transmit power 5 gear switch: 25mW/200mW/400mW/800mW/1000mW;
- Output 48 frequency points, and has 6 group 8 race frequency at the same time using each other without interference;
- Frequency lock fast, the boot does not interfere with companions;
- Built-in output power self-check function;
- Full format video format: NTSC /PAL;
- Wide input voltage range. low power consumption:
- Small size: 36mm×36mm×8mm;
- Mounting holes 4-M3
- Lightweight: ≤11g(excluding antenna)



How to switch frequency and power
1.BetaFlight Firmware;
2.CH & FR Switching:
Short press Function Button once to change CH(CH1-CH8);
Long press Function Button for 2 seconds and then short press to change FR(A、b、E、F、r、L);
3.Power Switching:
Long press for 10 seconds and then short press the button to change Power:

Power Diagram:

Power Indicator: Red

25mW: Flash 1 time stop for 3 seconds

200mW: Flash 2 times stop for 3 seconds

400mW: Flash 3 times stop for 3 seconds

800mW: Flash 4 times stop for 3 seconds

1000mW: Flash 5 times stop for 3 seconds

0mW/fault: Always on

Package included:

The Force Long Range  1W VTX with heatsink x 1set


*  Please ensure that antenna is installed on the output terminal of VTX before powering to avoid damage of internal components;

* Please note that input voltage is underspecified range; positive and negative polarities of output terminal are on right position to avoid damage of internal components;

* If the antenna is needed to be replaced, please choose an antenna with a good standing wave and gain effect to achieve a longer transmission distance;

* Pay attention to ESC protection during transportation and installation;

Attention: Power shown on OSD and actual power might be different

Actual power







Power shown on OSD