iFlight DC10 V2 10 inch Macro FPV Frame Kit 7.5mm Arms Frame Kit

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iFlight DC10 V2 10 inch Macro FPV Frame Kit 7.5mm Arms Frame Kit.


The DC10 V2 Macro FPV Frame designed for Cinematic and Long-range flight,the DC10 is built with 7.5mm carbon fiber arms, and 3mm carbon fiber body,it is rigid frame allows for the smoothest videos for those cinematic and long-range flights. The DeadCat layout allows for no props in view, even with 10″ props and lower camera tilt.

Dead Cat Style Motor Arm Configuration.


-Solid carbon fiber 6mm detachable arms

-Battery range:4S-6S 1550mAh~2200mAh

-Made for micro FPV cameras

-Weight: 310.3g (10″)


- Type: 10" FPV Dead Cat frame

- Frame wheelbase: 473mm 

- Dimensions : 418*262mm (body dimension)

- Frame weight:310.3g approx

- Standoff: M3*35mm(4pcs), M3*26mm(4pcs)

- 7.5mm thickness, 16mm width arms,1.5mm vertical side plates

- 3mm top, the upper & bottom plate

- Mounting Holes: 30.5*30.5mm/20*20mm

- Support camera size: 19*19mm/22*22mm

- Recommended motors: 28xx

Package included:

1 x 3mm Top Plate

2 x 3mm Mid Plate

4 x 7.5mm Arms

12 x M3x8mm Steel Screw

4 x M3x12mm Steel Screw

4 x M3X14mm screws

4 x M3X16mm screws

8 x M3 Nylon nut

12 x M3x5+6 Nylon nuts

4 x M3X35mm Aluminum Standoffs

4 x M3x26mm Aluminum Standoffs