HGLRC Sector Freestyle 5-inch 226mm 3K Carbon Fiber Frame Kit for RC Drone FPV Racing

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HGLRC Sector Freestyle 5-inch 226mm Frame Kit

Brand Name:HGLRC
Model:Sector Freestyle Frame Kit
Material: 3K Carbon Fiber
Top plate thickness: 2mm 
Bottom plate thickness: 2mm
Middle plate thickness:2mm
Camera side panel thickness: 1.5mm
Arm Thickness: 5mm
Arm width : 10mm
Top and middle plate spacing: 25mm
Installation holes: 20x20/30.5x30.5mm
Support camera: 19x19/22x22mm

FRAME-Sector 5" 
Type: 5" frame
Wheelbase: 226mm
Support for propellers: up to 5.5 inches
Overall size: 174 * 146mm
Weight: 103.5g(Does not contain TPU)

Hybrid Frame Design
Flight control installation damping system
TPU Antenna Mounts
Capacitor mounting slot
Camera mounting size support 19x19/22x22mm

1 x 2mm top plate
1 x 2mm bottom plate
1 x 2mm middle plate
4 x 5mm arm
2 x 1.5mm side plate
1 x 1.5mm protection board
6 x M3*25mm black aluminum column
2 x M3*32mm black aluminum column
4 x M3*6+6 black nylon column
8 x M3*2 black nylon nut
12 x round head screw M3*6
4 x round head screw M3*8
6 x round head screw M3*10
4 x round head screw M3*16
4 x M3 shock absorber ball
1 x battery cable tie 20x250mm
1 x battery Anti-slip tape
2 x antenna protection tube
1 x TPU antenna mount
1 x TPU Gopro Mount