HGLRC C1 remote control transmitter

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HGLRC C1 remote control transmitter.


HGLRC C1 remote control: an entry-level high-value handle control;
1. Built-in 500mw radio frequency module, which can realize stable signal transmission and remote control distance;
2. The operation procedures are extremely simplified, and common operations such as frequency pairing, power adjustment, and joystick calibration can be realized without a screen, and you can get started quickly;
3. Mix and match design of three-stage switch and two-stage switch;
4. It can be equipped with a wireless dongle, no need to connect a USB data cable when practicing the simulator, and the dongle also has USB-A and USB-C dual interfaces;
5. Support the installation of third-party receivers and tuners;

Shipping list:
1x remote control
1x remote control hanging strap
1x wireless dongle (option)
1xUSB-C data cable

CRSFJoystick Project Link:https://github.com/mikeneiderhauser/CRSFJoystick