HEXplorer LR 4 4S Hexa-copter BNF Analog Caddx Ant Cam F411HEX BS13A 6IN1 600mw vtx

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HEXplorer LR 4 4S Hexa-copter BNF Analog Caddx Ant Cam F411HEX BS13A 6IN1 600mw vtx with TBS Nano RX.

**INCLUDES: 2 x Tattu R-Line Version1.0 95 C 4S 1050mah Lipo Batteries!

Note: TBS Nano RX included

As we said before, we will explore more fun with Dave_C in the new field of #micro long range. We did it! After the success of Explorer LR 4, everyone has many new needs. For example: I hope it can carry a full-size gopro! I hope it is perfect for freestyle and cruising! I hope it has Bluetooth function!

We are proud to announce that Hexplorer Hexa-copter is finally here!

Continue to develop new products to meet the needs of more users!

Flywoo Hex on rock

HEXplorer LR 4 Analog BNF Specification :

  • Goku F411 hex nano stack 16x16 & Goku Hm600 600mw vtx
  • Caddx Ant camera
  • Dave_C & Nin 1404 V2 2750kv motors
  • Goku M8N mini gps v2.0
  • Flywoo Finder v1.0
  • Gemfan 4024 props
  • Atomic 5.8 G antenna LHCP 
  • TBS Nano Receiver
  • 2 x Tattu R-Line Version 1.0  95C 4S-1050mah Lipo Batteries

Recommend Battery : 

  • Naked Gopro & SMO 4K & Insta360 go  ---Explorer 18650
  • Gopro 5/6/7/8 & Insta360 One R ---- Tattu 1050 4s mah or 850 4s mah

Highlights & Specification :
1、 Equipped with GOKU HEX F411 16X16 NANO STACK, and NIN 1404 v2-2750kv, support 4s battery. Use powerful STM32F411 chip,5V/2A BEC, black box, WS2812LED,
support 2 complete hardware, 1 serial ports, I2C and other functions are all open ! Enough to meet all FPV needs.

 Flywoo Hex exploded dia

2、As Dave C saidIf you want the smallest and quietest platform to able to carry a full GoPro while still having good flight times and performance - Get the Hex!

FW hex gopro

3\ The Hex LR is perfect for pilots who prefer freestyle. Not just cruising. 

Flywoo Hex FS

4\ Caddx Ant camera gets better images & Goku HM600 600mw Vtx gets longer range! !

Goku Hex FC

5\ Using Flywoo Goku Mini GPS V2.0, searching for satellites is faster and more stable than the V1.0

Hex Foil Insulation


 6\ All versions have been solder power cables for SMO 4K , If you want to use naked gopro 6/7/8, just change the power plug . 

Camera Power lead

Flywoo Hex with SMO 4K Camera

7 /Packing list.

Parts Included in BNF Kit