GepRC GEP-Mark4 Freestyle Frame Kit

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GepRC GEP-Mark4 Freestyle Frame Kit

I want freestyle frame to show more performance in flight,a Super lightweight Freestyle frame,more convenient installation of electronic devices and more balanced center of gravity, so as to achieve better Smooth flight shooting, These ideas build the freestyle frame Mark4.

Mark4 5inch Specifications:               

  • Brand name:GEPRC
  • Item name:Mark 4-5      
  • Frame type:H type  
  • Propeller : 5inch
  • Motor to motor:225mm        
  • Size:145*172mm
  • Weight:102g
  • Arms plate : 5mm
  • Side plate : 2.5mm
  • Top plate : 2.5mm
  • Bottom plate : 2.5mm
  • Protect plate : 2mm