Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro - 600TVL FPV Camera - Black 1.8mm lens

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The updated Arrow Micro Pro is an ultralight FPV camera that boasts impressive specs. The Arrow Micro Pro is one of the smallest cameras available, yet it does not sacrifice quality. Coming in at only 5.3 grams makes it even lighter than the Runcam Swift Micro Camera. It has been upgraded with better image processing for a brighter picture, more natural image, and better saturation as compared to the previous version of the Foxeer Arrow Micro.

The camera is a perfect fit for a micro build that demands high performance.

1.8mm Lens installed.


  • Great WDR Function 
  • Improved Image Processing
  • Easily Switch Preset Modes
  • OSD
  • High-Quality 1.8mm Lens
  • Supports 5-40V input


  • 1x Foxeer Arrow Micro Pro 1/3" CCD 1.8mm 4:3 600TVL FPV Camera