FlyFish FIFTY5 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

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FlyFish FIFTY5 Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

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Introducing the FlyFishRC FIFTY5 - One of the best 5.5 Inch Freestyle Frames out there!

Made with highest precision, the FlyFishRC FIFTY5 boasts the FlyFishRC signature, high-strength CNC metal camera plates you all know so well already, as well as top-notch T700 carbon fiber plates. The smooth surface and chamfered edges not only add to its durability but also make it a work of art. And once again, as our signature thing, this frame comes complete with all the necessary accessories for your analog and HD builds. Plus, we've included hardware with a bit of Loctite for added reliability, ensuring your setup stays secure.

At the heart of our design philosophy for the FIFTY5 frame lies the pursuit of lightweight simplicity and durability. While our Volador VX5/6 is extremely durable and known as a flying tank, it's not synonymous with lightweight or ease of assembly.

So, we went on to plan our next frame and we wanted something ever so slightly unusual. First thing we thought of was the size, of course. 5 or 6 inch? The 6-inch quad, known for its speed and payload capacity, could feel a bit sluggish and lacked agility. On the other hand, the nimble 5-inch frame was highly agile but somewhat limited in lifting capacity. Well, why not create a 5.5-inch frame that combines the best of both worlds?

With the FIFTY5, you get the strength of a 6-inch platform and the agility of a 5-inch, striking the perfect balance. While it was originally designed for 5.5-inch props (and we recommend you to use those), it offers you the flexibility to opt for standard 5-inch props without missing a beat.

FIFTY5 is definitely not the first frame to be able to run 5.5 inch props, however, it is a fantastic frame that's slightly larger than your regular 5, remarkably easy to assemble, and really lightweight, tipping the scales at just 127g with essential TPU components. Say goodbye to the need for lighter batteries when mounting a GoPro; the FIFTY5 handles it effortlessly. Want extended flight times? Simply use a larger battery, and this frame is ready to rise to the occasion. And the best thing, IT RIPS nothing else!

The FlyFishRC FIFTY5 embodies the essence of innovation - where form meets function, and the pursuit of the perfect balance results in a frame that's versatile, agile, and exceptionally easy to use.

High-end T700 carbon fiber
Well thought through structure design
Just 127.7g with essential TPU parts
5mm thick stiff and strong arms
CNC aluminum camera plates offering superior protection
The silicone shock-absorbers for the O3 AU to eliminate jello
Compatible with both 19/20mm cameras
High-quality TPU parts
Ability to run both 5 and 5.5 inch props
Very good for smooth cinematic flying, fast speed chasing, and freestyle
Equipped with all accessories needed for analog and HD builds
12.9-grade strength hardware with Loctite threadlocker pre-applied

Model: FIFTY5
Geometry: True-X
Arm thickness: 5mm
Top plate thickness: 2mm
Middle plate thickness: 2.5mm
Bottom plate thickness: 2.5mm
Propeller size: 5~5.5 inch
CNC plate thickness: 6mm
FPV cam spacing: 19mm/20mm
Weight: 127.7g(with TPU parts)
Total Dimensions:180.3mm*180.3*33mm
Motor Mounting hole: 16mm*16mm(M3)
Stack mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/30.5mm*30.5mm(M3)
VTX mounting holes: 20mm*20mm/25.5mm*25.5mm(M2)

1x Fifty 5 Frame Kit

FIFTY 5 Manual Click