FalconRad Falcon RPM 7.5 inch frame kit

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FalconRad Falcon RPM 7.5 inch frame kit

Standoff Color: RED

Standoff Length: 25mm

Cut by: CNC Madness

The Falcon RPM continues the Falcon frame line's focus on capturing silky smooth cinematic video by keeping the main GoPro mount down between the props and well centered on the roll axis. The Falcon RPM is larger and stiffer than the Falcon 7 design allowing it to spin up to 7.5" props.  The large top plate provides ample room to adjust the battery placement making it possible to keep the craft's CG well centered for multiple flight configurations.

To further expand on the many options and possibilities for your Falcon RPM build the FPV camera mount has been redesigned to accommodate vitually any 20 or 19mm FPV camera.  Whether it's a 19mm analog camera with a single fastener on each side or the brand new 20mm DJI 03 camera with two fasteners on each side.  Additionally the 03 camera position can be adjusted between slightly forward for a clear view without any obstructions or slightly back to provide excellent protection.  Either position will provide a beautiful jello free FPV experience.

-For long range flights the larger props enable the Falcon RPM to easily carry the weight of two 6s 5000mAh 21700 li-ion battery packs giving you incredible flight times.  (30mm standoffs recommended)

-For mid-range flights the larger props allow the Falcon RPM to carry one OR two full size GoPro cameras at the same time along with a 4000mAh lipo or two 6s 18650 batteries.

-For short range flights the Falcon RPM can carry one, two or even three GoPro cameras at once and will balance out well with a 120c 2600mAh lipo.

Gopro mount locations:
- standard front mount between props
- front of top plate (for 30 degree or more angle on a second front camera)
- rear facing (attaches to rear SMA mount, matched to front camera angle)

The additional GoPro plate accessory kit expands the mounting possibilities by adding two additional mounting points (both of these require a longer landing gear to protect the camera):
- front underside of frame (for less than 30 degrees angle on a second front camera)
- rear underside of frame (provides a rear facing mount with an adjustable angle below rear electronics mount)

Please watch the frame release video linked below for more information about the frame and its many options and mounting possibilities.

Link to release video: https://youtu.be/D_P78hb0RpA

Link to frame assembly video: https://youtu.be/WaPcS0NFWiE

Link to files for TPU parts on thingiverse: https://bit.ly/FalconRPM3DPrints

Playlist for Falcon RPM related videos: https://bit.ly/FalconRPMPlaylist
Included Parts:
Carbon fiber parts included:
2x - 8.0mm Arm Front
2x - 8.0mm Arm Back
1x - 8.0mm Center Block
1x - 2.0mm Top Plate
1x - 2.5mm Main Plate
1x - 2.0mm Base Plate

Hardware included:
4x M3 5mm Standoffs(Smooth)
10x M3 8mm Standoffs(Smooth)
8x M3 25mm Standoffs(Smooth)
6x M3 6mm CS Screws
6x M3 5mm BH Screws
8x M3 8mm BH Screws
22x M3 10mm BH Screws
6x M3 12mm BH Screws
12x M3 14mm BH Screws
6x M3 16mm BH Screws
4x M3 25mm BH Screws
10x M3 BH Black Washers
8x M3 Washers

Underside GoPro Mount Option:
1x 2.0mm GoPro Plate
8x M3 Pressnuts
2x M3 10mm Black Standoffs
4x M3 Washer
4x M3 5mm BH Screws
3x M3 14mm BH Screws
3x M3 16mm BH Screws
3x M3 18mm BH Screws