E-Design ES121V Screw Driver Motion Control Screwdriver (Steel)

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The popular ES120 was upgraded to the ES121 and equipped with 1:64 reduction gear motor ensure faster rotation speed up to 380 RPM load-free. Built with a slim 304 stainless steel housing with pen shape design, powered by a 300mAh lipo battery with 30 minutes working time continuously at full load.

It is powered by an SMT32 MCU and 3-axis gyro supporting motion control enables the user to screw or unscrew by just a turn of the wrist, turn it slightly left and it starts to spin left, turn it right, and it spins right. The built-in 16X96mm OLED displays the working status, battery level, and load of the driver.

Comes with a standard 4mm diameter socket compatible with most precision screwdriver bits. Comes with 6 bits.

Parameter Setting:

  • Press the button 3 times to enter the "setting", Wait without any action or long press to turn off "setting".
  • A model is automatic.
  • 1-4 model corresponds to 4 kinds of torque, and torque decreases progressively.


  • Battery low voltage reminder, low voltage protection mode;
  • User customized configuration parameters (such as torsion, torque, etc);
  • Open source application layer.
  • OLED Screen
  • 6 Bits
  • 3-Axis Gyro


  • Operation Voltage 3-5V
  • No-load Speed About 380rpm
  • Electronic Torque 1.5kgf.cm
  • Maximum Torque 30kgf.cm (manual mode)
  • Screwdriver Bit 4mm hexagon
  • Charging Time 45min
  • Running Time 30min (full power)
  • Charging Mode Micro USB 5V Input

Hardware Specifications:

  • Body Material 304 Stainless steel/Copper alloy
  • Screen 16*96 OLED
  • Battery 300mAh 10440 Lithium-ion battery
  • Length 131mm
  • Weight 108g(Steel)
  • Rotor Bidirectional overrunning clutch
  • Gearbox 1:64 Integrated planetary gearbox
  • Motor 25,000 rpm brush motor
  • Main Chip STM32
  • Sensor Angular velocity sensor


  • 1x ES121 Electric Screwdriver
  • 1x PH00 Bit
  • 1x SL2.0 Bit
  • 1x ES-A7 Bit Set 7pcs
  • 1x ES-B7 Bit Set 7pcs

Configuration file settings

Connect it with USB data cable to your PC or laptop when the ES121 screwdriver is turned off, and press the button, then the computer will recognize it. Open the config.txt file in the U disk, the content is:

StartAngle=2 #(2~10)
Gear=4 #(0~4)
MotoTimeCont=0 #ReadOnly
Ver=1.1 #ReadOnly
Then you can change your setting.