DJI FPV Air Unit Coaxial Cable with Camera Back Plate

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Key Features
  • For DJI FPV Air Unit
  • Connects FPV Camera to Air Unit Module
  • Lightweight and Modular Design
This FPV Air Unit Coaxial Cable from DJI is designed to connect the FPV Air Unit's camera to the Air Unit module. The cable is constructed to be lightweight and modular, for easier assembly and disassembly. The thin coaxial cable features an exposed end wrapped by TPU to help improve bending and resistance to wear and tear.
The coaxial cable can be quickly installed to the camera's back cover and the air unit module.
Easy modular assembly and disassembly, lightweight design.
Very thin coaxial cable is used with the exposed part wrapped by TPU to improve bending and wear resistance.
Refer to the user manual for disassembly and assembly instructions.
In The Box
DJI FPV Air Unit Coaxial Cable × 1
Length: 100 mm (without terminal, trailer card and back cover)