Catalyst Machineworks Tasmanian Frame Kit (CF Booms)

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Catalyst Machineworks Tasmanian Frame Kit (CF Booms).

After the success of our Cannonball Xclass frame we decided to set out on a new adventure in large racing quad design. While our flagship Cannonball is an amazing feature packed design it isn't for everyone due to the premium price tag. The goal with the Tasmanian is to provide a less expensive frame that can appeal to a larger range of pilots. Don't let the lower cost fool you. With this machine you get MORE than what you pay for. This new bird uses high quality components, is light weight, tough as nails, and can allow for some of the best performance ever seen in large quad racing. With the Tasmanian we are introducing a new class of quad called Beast Class. So what is "Beast Class"? It is simple. There is only one hard rule. 10” - 13” props. No minimum frame size. However, the point is to maximize performance and increase crash toughness so it is suggested to use the smallest frame possible to fit the allowed prop range.

Q and A: 

Why did Catalyst Machineworks think up this crazy class size idea? 

- During our adventure in designing/testing the Cannonball 800 xclass frame we began to long for a machine with the same power system running 13” props but an absolute minimum arm length. We wanted to explore a more ‘pilot centric’ approach to BIG quad racing. 

What are the disadvantages of Beast class compared to Xclass? 

- There is currently no race organization or governing body for pilots to race this class of drone, yet. 

- You cannot race a Beast Class rig along side an Xclass rig since the size doesn’t meet Xclass minimum frame size requirement of 800mm. 

- Xclass may be easier for spectators too see than Beast Class (the jury is out on this one...) 

What are the advantages of Beast class compared to Xclass? 

- Increased crash toughness. This size of drone is expensive compared to a 5” racing quad. There is no way around that. If you are into flying BIG race quads the frame should be as tough as possible to reduce expenses incurred from crash damage. As a racer you know you WILL crash. There is also no way around that. With Beast Class the loading on the arms and the frame is reduced due to less moment (force) compared to Xclass. Also, crash toughness is increased due to lower weight. 

- Greatly improved agility compared to Xclass. Ever flown a 5” quad for a while and then tried a 6” quad for a few packs? Immediately you realize how much slower the slightly larger machine feels during track maneuvers. This is due to the laws of physics. The more weight you place farther out on the arms the slower a quad maneuvers, simple as that. 

- Less expensive. If you choose a frame size tailored for smaller props (10” for instance) you can greatly reduce overall rig costs yet still have an absolute monster of a race quad. We will be designing a slightly smaller version of the Tasmanian tailored to 10" - 11" props in the near future. The Tasmanian is really best suited for 12" - 13" props. 

Specs and Features: 

  • High spectator visibility 
  • Industry leading big quad track performance ("Beast Class") 
  • Industry leading crash toughness ("Beast Class") 
  • Light weight
  • Industry leading frame rigidity
  • Bottom mount lipo system
  • Easy electronics access hole
  • Provic=sions for crossfire gear
  • Optional Airfoils
  • Optional APD ESC Mounts
  • Optional canopy available (available at a later date)
  • Weight - 575mm Beast Class Carbon Arms: 745g
  • Beast Class frame size: 575mm
  • Prop size: 13 inch maximum (Beast Class)
  • Carbon fiber type: Twill Weave 3K Matte
  • Arm material: 25mm tall x 25mm wide x 1.5mm thick carbon fiber or black anodized aluminum
  • Motor mount arm clamp: 7075 black anodized aluminum
  • Top plate: 4mm
  • Bottom plate: 4mm
  • Standoff size: M3 
  • Frame type: Stretch X 
  • FPV camera angle range: 0 - 75 degrees
  • Motor pad mounting holes: M4 on 30mm circle, M3 on 19mm circle, and M3 on 30mm circle
  • Lipos supported: 6s - 12s  
  • Lipo mounting position: Below the frame
  • Fastener material: High strength steel 
  • Fastener color: Silver  
  • Supported FPV Cameras: Any full sized "HS1177" style FPV camera W/ mounting bracket. Mini or micro cameras will fit but you must use an adapter. 
  • Supported FC: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting 
  • Supported VTX Size: Everything 
  • Supported FPV Antenna: Everything
  • Supported receiver: Everything
  • Suggested ESC: Advanced Power Drives
  • Supported PDB: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting 
  • HD camera mount options: Session or Standard Gopro 
  • HD camera mount angle range: 20 - 50 degrees