CaddxFPV Digital HD Camera Nebula Nano+Vista Kit

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CaddxFPV Digital HD Camera Nebula Nano Kit Silver Camera.

If you find the DJI camera is too big for your micro builds then Caddx has the answer for you with their new Nebula Nano Vista kit that includes a Nano sized 14x14mm HD camera!


Caddx Nebula NanoCaddx Nebula Nano System Silver

Vista Specifications:

  • Dimension:
    • VISTA VTX 30.45 x 29 x 13mm (20x20mm + 25.5×25.5 mounting holes)
    • Camera 27.4 x 21.1 x 20.1mm
    • Antenna 80mm
  • Weight:
    • VISTA VTX 19g
    • Camera 10g
    • Antenna 3.5g
  • Antenna Connector: U.FL
  • 200mW, 500mW, 700mW selectable output power
  • (the VISTA supports 1200mW hack too)
  • Maximum Range: FCC 4Km, CE 0.7Km
  • Takes 2S to 6S Input Voltage (7.4V – 26.4V)
  • Operation frequency: 5.725-5.850GHz
  • Latency:
  • High quality mode 30-40ms
  • Low latency mode 21-28ms
  • Compatible with DJI HD camera (from full size air unit)
  • Compatible with DJI HD goggles
  • Interface: USB-C, IPEX, 3in1 Port