AxisFlying Manta 5-Inch TreuX Freestyle Frame Kit with HD Printing

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1,  Axisflying Forword:
  • Axisflying focuses on user experience and carefully studies user sore points. In the field of freestyle, we continuously absorb user feedback and summarise product design experience. Axisflying combines CNC aluminum parts with high quality carbon plates to bring the MANTA series of freestyle frame with a unique and innovative design in the industry.
2,  MANTA Frame Features:
  • MANTA frame is specially designed for 5-inch Freestyle and Cine, launched in two versions: Squashed X and True X.
    1,Squashed X design for a flexible flight experience, props are not visible from the FPV camera, more suitable for freestyle with high maneuverability
    2,True X design is silky smooth and more stabled which more suitable for cinematic shooting
    3,The frame adopts the innovative CNC aluminum structure design with the high-strength carbon plate makes the overall structure very strong, stable and safe.
    4,The stack mounting is compatible with 20*20MM and 30.5*30.5MM, which can cover all types of stacks on the market. The VTX mounting is compatible with the movable M2* (20*20MM) and M3 (30.5*30.5MM), which can cover all analog VTX types and HD VTX: DJI Air Unit and Vista
    5,The frame is compatible with 19-20MM wide FPV camera, and the aluminum side plates can effectively protect the camera
    6,The motor mounting holes are 16*16MM, AF227, AF236, BlackBird V3, and 4.9″-5.1″ freestyle propellers are recommended
3,  CNC Aluminum Components:
  • 1. The innovative CNC integrated metal plate structure design firmly hugs the arm, which is tight and seamless to prevent the arm from loosening
    2. The aluminum camera side plate can better protect the FPV camera. The camera angle scale on the side plate is convenient for users to adjust the flight angle they want at any time.
    3. The customized high-strength 7075 standoff greatly strengthen the overall strength of the frame
    4. All the aluminum parts of the frame are made of grey color also with bright side, match with the high-quality T700 carbon plate makes it more textured.
4,  Carbon Fiber Components:
  • 1, Using high-strength T700 carbon plates and surface spraying process, the surface of the carbon plate feels fine and smooth
    2, The arm and the upper and lower carbon plates are chamfered to avoid scratching the palm during the installation process