Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A With Aluminum Shell For Cinewhoops

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Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A With Aluminum Shell For Cinewhoops.


When Axisflying stepped into the FPV field, our core products were brushless motors and frame series. But that's only temporary. Innovation and self-development are the goals that Axisflying has always pursued, and the Argus F7 AIO will prove that Axisflying's innovation and independent research and development capabilities have never weakened.


 - Every AIO will go through 800 full throttle takeoff and landing tests before leaving the factory. High-quality circuit technology and aluminum shell casing will ensure their service life. 

 - CNC heat sink on both sides. Better cooling, protection increased lifespan.

 - The big concern of every pilot - desyncs - will be solved by the Argus F7 AIO. Never out of sync.

 - Perfectly match with 20/21 motors.


 - ESC:  Bluejay 48K pre-flashed

 - Input Voltage: 3-6S

 - STM F722

 - BMI 270 / ICM 42688P

 - Weight : 14.7g

 - Size: 36*36*7.2mm

 - Installing Hole: 25.5*25.5mm /26.5*26.5 mm M3

Axisflying Argus F7 AIO F722 40A with Aluminum shell for Cinewhoops