Axisflying AE3115-900KV Brushless Motor For 10-Inch FPV Drone

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Axisflying AE3115 Brushless Motor For 10-Inch FPV Drone / Cinematic / Long Range / Loading.


- Premium performance. That's been the focus of AxisFlying since we started a year ago. The AF series, and the AE series. We pushed the envelope of the tried-and-true FPV formula. Now we'll be doing it again… with a twist.

- Introducing AE series, by Axisflying. Great performance, high quality, and the high standards that we hold all of our products to. The AE series is the perfect compromise of price and performance.

- Now, we're fully aware of the stigma surrounding "budget" motors. Can't compromise on price without compromising on performance, right? Wrong. Our engineers took the same principles we take to all our motor designs, and pulled back as much cost as possible - all while keeping the quality and performance. We truly believe that this is the alternative to the high-end motors… whilst being under $40.

*Bearing Shield Technology

- An IP53 rating dustproof and waterproof bearing placement design.

- BST protects from environmental elements and prolongs the smoothness and lifespan of the bearing . 

- Increased thrust efficiency and say goodbye to crush motor bearings

Axisflying AE3115 Brushless Motor for 10-inch FPV Drone / Cinematic / Long Range / Loading