AOS 7 Long HD Long Range Build Kit From AddictiveRC

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AddictiveRC has put together a build yourself kit with all the best components!

AOS 7 7-inch frame kit: 

AOS 7 frm kit

Brother Hobby LD series 2806.5 1300kv Motors 4pcs.

BH LDS 2806.5

iFlight Blitz Stack F7 V1.1 + 55A 4 in 1 (1pcs.):

iF Blitz Stack


TBS Crossfire Nano RX Pro Long Range Drone Receiver (1pcs.):

TBS Nano Pro-RX

CaddxFPV Air Unit Micro Version (1pcs.):

CaddxFPV Micro Air Unit



GemFan 7040 Flash Durable 3 Blade Props-Black (2 sets):

GemFan Flash 7040 Props

MatekSystems M8Q-5883 SAM-GPS and Compass Module (1pcs.):

Matek Systems M8Q-5883 SAM-M8Q GPS & QMC5883L Compass Module for RC Drone FPV Racing