HGLRC Sector 7- Inch V3 HD Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

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HGLRC Sector ,7 Inch V3 HD Freestyle FPV Frame Kit

The HGLRC Sector 7 V3 Freestyle Frame comes in three different sizes: 5", 6", and 7". It features no props in view, so you can enjoy a clear view when flying and you can adjust the camera mount from 25°, 30°, 35° to 40° to suit your needs. Compatible with 5.8G VTX and DJI Digital System. 


No Props in view

  • No more props in view with the V3. Enjoy the clear view of flying!

Adjustable camera mount angle

  • Adjust the angle of the camera mount from 25°, 30°, 35° to 40° to suit your needs.

Capacitor slot to hide the capacitor for a neater look

  • Cannot find the capacitor in the drone? it is "hidden" somewhere 
  • Flight control installation damping system
  • GoPro Universal Mount
  • GoPro fixed bracket
  • GoPro Mount
  • GoPro lens protector
  • Motor protector Mount
  • T shaped antenna Mount
  • GPS Mount
  • SMA antenna Mount
  • DJI ANT Antenna Mount
  • Base plate protector Mount
  • DJI Air Unit Mount
  • DJI FPV camera lens protector
  • Power cord fixed Mount
  • Capacitor mounting slots


  • Type:5 7" frame
  • Wheelbase:218mm
  • Support for propellers: up to 7 inches
  • Overall size:172.5 * 136.7mm
  • Weight:124.2g (excluding TPU)
  • Wheelbase:
  • 7"/ 290mm
  • Fits FPV Camera 19mmx19mm/ 22mm x 22mm