PROTO25 Micro Long Range Ripper Frame Kit

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PROTO25 Micro Long Range Ripper Frame Kit.


Introducing PROTO25. A sub250g 2.5" born from my very dreams. I always wanted a low key quad with long range, GPS, 4K recording, no props in view in an ultralight and compact package. P25 is easy to pack in your bag, stable, powerful, sick looking, and built for ripping up epic parks and urban jungles with ease!




1) Squashed X geometry with no props in view even in ultrawide mode

2) Aesthetically designed Toray T700 plain weave matte carbon fiber frame

3) Titanium screws for maximum weight reduction and performance

4) Multi-color WS2812 LED light included

5) O3 AU quick swap. Easily move or reinstall the O3 AU quickly

6) Designed to be universal. Frame works with action cameras, analog, HD Zero, etc.


Proudly designed, 3D printed, and shipped from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 


Top plate: 2mm

Base plate: 3mm

Electronics Mounting: M2 20x20, M2 25.5x25.5

Maximum Electronic Component Size: 40x40

Motor Mount: 9x9

Max prop size: 2.5"

Action Camera / Accessories Mounting: Top Plate

Battery Strap Mounting: Top mount, Toilet Tank & Undermount

Recommended Camera Mounting Size: 19mm ~ 20mm (Variable)

Stand off height: 28mm

Stand off width: 22mm

Wheelbase: 97.32mm x 66.51mm

Antenna mounting size: 3~4mm Post

Frame weight: 17.74g (no TPU)

Build weight potential: 120g ~ 140g (no lipo)

Top Speed: 130kph


T700 Carbon Fiber Plates!

x1 Antenna Mount

x1 GPS + RX Tray (Only known to fit GOKU GM10 Nano V3 GPS)

x1 Camera Cage

x1 Dji 03 AU Holder (2 pc)

x1 LED Light Holder

x1 Action camera base mount

x1 Feet Set (4 pc)

x1 20x20 to 25.5x25.5 Adapter



x1 Tessegrip - super sticky customizable battery pad

x4 M2x28 aluminum stand offs

x4 M2x5 nylon spacers

x2 M2x4 screws (camera)

x13 M2x5 Ti screws (motors, action cam mount)

x8 M2x6 Ti screws (frame)

x8 M2x7 Ti screws (props)

x4 M2x12 Ti screws (AIO)

x4 M2x22 screws (stack)

x1 M3x14 Ti screw (action cam bolt)

x5 M2 nylon nut (AIO, stack, action cam mount stay)

x1 M3 thin nut (action cam nut)

x1 WS2812 LED (light holder)

x2 Zip tie

x1 30awg wire set (LED to FC)

his frame has only been tested and tuned with the highest quality components