Naked GoPro Hero- 9 Black Cinema 4K Camera (Full Camera!)

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AddictiveRC Now has an In-House Builder making all our Hero Naked Cinema Cameras. These Naked Hero Cameras are built by AddictiveRC.

**Please note these are built from reconditioned GoPro Hero-9's.**

This is the Full Refurbished Hero-9 Stripped and installed into the NamelessRC Case with BEC.

- Built from a Refurbished Hero9 electronics, and stripped to Naked specs.

- Case size: Size: 66 x 45 x 23mm
- ND filter adaptation: Mavic 2 Zoom ND Filter

- BEC Specs:

- Input: 2S to 6S
- Output: 5V/2.1A
- Connector: PH1.0-3P

We Recommend purchasing the REAR SCREEN to make camera adjustments!