KO DEMON SEED NON-CRYO 2208 1750KV - RED (1pcs.)

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These New KO Demon Seed Non-Cryo Motors are an AddictiveRC Exclusive!

Hands down best motors in the Industry!
AddictiveRC Review: "Absolutely Insane Thrust on 6S!"
With Ultra-Smooth and Ultra-Linear Throttle Response!


  • Magnet: 50SH
  • Stator is NOT CRYO TREATED Like all other brand motors
  • Bearing: EZO 9x4x4
  • Stator Laminate: 0.15 nikkon Japanese Steel
  • Shaft: Hollow Titanium
  • Weight: 35g
  • Stator Size: 2208
  • Shaft Retainer: 2mm Hex Screw 
  • KV: 1750
  • Number of cells.(Lipo): 4-6s 
  • Wire Length: 145mm
  • Wire AWG: 18AWG
  • Bell Material: 7075 Alu
  • Base Material: 7075 Alu
  • Bolt Pattern: 16x16mm
  • Windings: 180d High temp 99.9% Pure Copper 
  • Cooling: Active choke point compression technology (ACPC)
  • Prop Seat: CNC knurling (Anti-slip)
  • Bell / Top Cap Connection Assembly: High Strength Dual Rebate Design
  • Winding QC: Individually Tested to 500volt @ low amps 
  • Balancing QC: Individual dual stage dynamic balance test for each bell