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95A+HV Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) for Electric Multi-Rotor (UAS) Series

The new UAS HVC series brings to life the next-generation of technology for UAS and Multi-Rotor operation; including an all-Aluminum 6061-T6 case for cool-running temperatures and rugged-construction, allowing the ESCs to be used in a wide-range of harsh environments and commercial/industrial applications (IP56 certification for all-weather operation).  The new series also comes pre-loaded with the latest production firmware, including these new, market-leading technologies:

  • Regenerative Braking – active braking during motor deceleration phase, providing instantaneous response to the flight controller commands and matched-response to acceleration profiles (less “float” during flight).
  • Temperature-Controlled Synchronous Rectification – new proprietary algorithm for smooth-running motors at low-throttle and improved, faster response under high-peak loads; all while significantly increasing flight-time efficiency and reducing operating temperatures (also termed "active-freewheeling").
  • Dynamic Timing and Startup Power – optimally-tuned for smooth and precision-controlled startup throughout the full-range of UAS Brushless Motors (no hesitation, stuttering, or response lag).
  • Increased Drive and Throttle Frequency Resolution – high-accuracy, linear throttle response throughout full-range of operation control.
  • Motor Synchronization – factory-calibrated ESCs for consistent throttle control and frequency-matched start-up protocols.

The UAS HVC series is compatible with 3S LiPo - 12S LiHV power systems - allowing for the next level of performance and efficiency for your UAS and Multi-Rotor applications.  In addition, the UAS HVC series includes active anti-spark circuitry, protecting the integrity and life-span of the critical connectors upon each initial plug-in and system power-up.

The series is tuned and optimized for the KDE Direct UAS Multi-Rotor Brushless Motor Series, for simple plug-and-play operation. No additional throttle calibration is required for most applications and settings are factory programmed.

ESCs include 200°C, 12 AWG silicone-wire power leads and 13 AWG silicone-wire motor leads with dual ф6.5mm (KDEXF-BC65) and ф4.0mm (KDEXF-BC40) 24K matching Bullet Connectors.

Full Specifications:

Refresh Rate 600 Hz (50 - 600Hz Adaptive)
Maximum Peak Current 165 A (5 s)
Maximum Peak Power 7,325 W (5 s)
Maximum Continuous Current* 95+ A (180 s)
Maximum Continuous Power* 4,220+ W (180 s)
Maximum Efficiency > 98%
Voltage Range 11.1 V (3S LiPo) - 52.2 V (12S LiHV)
Internal BEC None (Opto-Isolation)
Maximum RPM 360,000 rpm (2-Pole)
PWM Rate Adaptive Dynamic Algorithm
Advance Timing 22° - 30° Dynamic Algorithm
ESC Size 37 mm (W) x 82 mm (L)
ESC Weight 78 g (114 g with Wires/Bullets)
Power Leads 12 AWG, 200°C
Motor Leads 13 AWG, 200°C
ESC Control Lead 22 AWG, 3-Wire JR (W-R-B)
ESC Programming Lead 22 AWG, 3-Wire JR (O-R-B)
Power Connects ф4.0 / ф6.5 mm Matched Pair
Motor Connects ф4.0 mm Female

*: ESC requires consistent airflow (5 mph or greater) across the heatsink to maintain maximum continuous current and power ratings during operation, specified at full-load condition (100% throttle). Increasing airflow or adding additional cooling can further increase the capabilities of the controller and extend the lifespan of the critical internal components.

Ingress Protection Rating: IP56 Certification

Features: Active Anti-Spark Circuit, Aluminum 6061-T6 Case


Two (2) KDE Direct XF ф4.0mm 24K Bullet Connectors (Pair, KDEXF-BC40)
Two (2) KDE Direct XF ф6.5mm 24K Bullet Connectors (Pair, KDEXF-BC65)