FrSky RX8R 2.4G ACCST 8/16CH SBUS Telemetry Receiver

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When you're flying your precious RC model the last thing you need is a glitch with your transmitter and receiver ending with you and your plane at the start of this months RC fail compilations. 
FrSKY has a great solution with the multifunctional RX8R receiver. The RX8R is a full telemetry redundancy functioning receiver, up to 8 channels from the conventional channel outputs or 16 channels from the SBus port when used in conjunction with another RX8R receiver. Redundancy completes the package with 2 FrSKY RX8R receivers joined together via the SBus ports and being set up with a master and slave configuration will give you a fantastic 16 channel receiver combo.
Switching from master to slave if the master happens to go into failsafe and then switch back when the master signal is stronger again, leaving you and your investment protected and in control at all times. Full reliable FrSky telemetry is available from the master receiver. Running ACCST protocol and with support from FrSKY's upgradable firmware and compatible with FrSKY transmitters such as the ever popular Taranis and new Horus TX's.  Fly with the confidence and peace of mind with quality components and a trusted name of FrSKY.

• Parallel two RX8R to become 16 channel receiver
• Smart port enabled, two-way full duplex transmission
• Supports redundant transmission of two Tx modules in parallel (SBus input: the signal from the slave receiver(Sbus receiver) for backup)
• FrSKY quality and trusted components
• Firmware upgradable
• Compatible with FrSky transmitters
• Redesigned PCB antennas for higher signal strength
• Complete package multifunctional transmitter

Size: 46 x 27 x 14mm
Weight: 12g
Number of channels: 16ch (1-8ch conventional, 1-16ch w/ 2 receivers linked via SBus ports)
Operating voltage: 4.0~10V
Operating range: Full range (> 1.5km)


1 x FrSKY RX8R 8/16ch receiver
1 x Instructions