Catalyst Machineworks Cannonball X-Class Frame Kit (With Arm Braces)

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Catalyst Machineworks Cannonball X-Class Frame Kit (With Arm  Braces),

This frame is inspired by Gabby Chavez (Cannonball FPV). Gabby is our team pilot and also a professional Indy car racer. He is heavily involved in the design and testing of this exciting new machine, along with our other pilots. Gabby's experience testing and driving automotive machines existing at the highest level of technology and performance translates over to FPV quad design/testing. There is a science and unique skill required to understand how changes to machine design and setup are actually translating to performance differences on the track.  At Catalyst Machineworks we are honored to have the rare opportunity to learn from someone competing at the highest levels in the automotive racing arena. In the same way Indy has become the flagship for automotive racing design, Xclass will eventually become the pinnacle of FPV quad racing technology.

So what is Xclass anyway? 

Xclass is a brand new and exciting type of drone racing that is set to bring our sport into the "mainstream". For a sport to gain traction and big money sponsors it has to be entertaining to spectators. The issue with mini quad racing is the small size of the craft. Pilots who actually fly these mini quads cannot get enough. However, for a spectator the experience can be less than thrilling. Mini quads are too small to really be of interest to most people from a 3rd person perspective. For the layperson, unless you are in the goggles it just doesn't get the blood racing. Well Xclass will change all of that. The machines are MASSIVE in size (32 - 47 inches across). They are fast (100+ mph), powerful, loud, and give the sense of danger. All these things make for very exciting racing.

Why is the Cannonball 800 special? 

  1. Lipo Crash Protection: Lipos used on Xclass racers are not cheap. Depending on setup, their price can range from $60 to $120 EACH.  Current frames on the market mount the lipo on the top or bottom of the frame. This exposes it to crash damage. The Cannonball 800 locates the lipo inside the frame in a well protected location.
  2. Lipo Mass Consideration:  Xclass lipos are very large and heavy. Capacities can range from 2000mah all the way up to 5000+ mah. Voltages ranging from 6s - 12s. The Cannonball's centralized lipo mounting solution pulls all that mass inwards reducing moment of inertia on pitch and roll axis. Lower inertia translates into better maneuverability. 
  3. Lipo Mounting Solution: The lipo is first mounted on a tray using velcro and straps. This tray is then slid into the belly of the frame and locks in place. Removal of the tray for a lipo swap is 'quick release' requiring no fasteners and takes seconds to accomplish. 
  4. Arm Brace Option: The Cannonball 800 can be purchased with optional arm braces (front and rear). This brace is the same carbon tube used on the arms. It spans the distance between the front and rear arms. The intent is to save your machine from extensive crash damage during impacts with the ground or objects. 
  5. Electronics Mounting Solution: There are two considerations most Xclass frames ignore. Anti Vibration and ease of access to electronics. Our frame mounts all the non-drivetrain electronics (Flight Controller, FPV Camera, HD Camera, VTX, Receiver, etc) inside an isolated fuselage cage sitting on top of the frame. The entire cage is mounted to the frame using two TPU hinges. These TPU parts isolate the cage from the drivetrain and remove vibration from making it's way to the FC, HD camera, and FPV camera. Remove one screw and the entire fuselage cage opens up like a clam shell providing easy access to all electronic components. 
  6. Frame Rigidity: Many current Xclass designs are nothing more than a modified mini quad center section with long arms attached. Xclass racers are HUGE in size with very long arms and powerful motors. The frame must be extremely rigid and structurally sound to keep the arms from flexing and vibrating in flight. Keep in mind some of these Xclass motors can weight 200+g EACH and produce up to 16LBS (7000+ grams) of thrust, EACH! If your frame is moving all over the place like a wet noodle how do you think it will handle on the track? 

Specs and Features: 

  • Super tough arm brace version available
  • Industry leading frame rigidity
  • Industry leading lipo protection
  • Quick change lipo system
  • Centralized lipo mass design
  • Easy electronics access
  • Industry leading antivibration design
  • Provisions for crossfire gear 
  • Optional canopy available (at a later date)
  • Weight for braceless version: 1200g (pre-production estimate)
  • Weight for braced version: 1600g (pre-production estimate)
  • Frame size: 800mm 
  • Prop size: 17 inch maximum 
  • Carbon fiber: Twill Weave 3K Matte
  • Arm material: 30mm tall x 20mm wide x 1.5mm thick octagonal matte carbon fiber tube
  • Octagonal arm clamp: 7075 black anodized aluminum
  • Top plates: 3mm
  • Bottom plate: 4mm
  • Standoff size: M4 
  • Frame type: Super Stretch X 
  • FPV camera angle range: 0 - 75 degrees
  • Motor pad mounting holes: M4 on 30mm circle, M3 on 19mm circle, and M3 on 30mm circle
  • Lipos supported: 6s - 12s  
  • Lipo mounting position: Inside the frame
  • Maximum combined lipo width: 90mm 
  • Maximum lipo height: 51mm (adding or removing spacers from the split top deck can change available lipo compartment height) 
  • Fastener material: High strength steel 
  • Fastener color: Silver and black 
  • Supported FPV Cameras: Any full sized "HS1177" style FPV camera W/ mounting bracket. Mini or micro cameras will fit but you must use an adapter. 
  • Supported FC: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting or 20mm x 20mm micro FC
  • Supported VTX Size: Everything 
  • Supported FPV Antenna: Everything
  • Supported receiver: Everything
  • Supported ESC size (ideal mounting location): 25mm wide x 53mm long x 5mm thick (max)
  • Supported ESC size (on the arms): 30mm wide x any length x any thickness
  • Supported PDB: Standard 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting 
  • HD camera mount options: Session or Standard Gopro 
  • HD camera mount angle range: 20 - 50 degrees